Forever ever

I first started stalking her. I was near heR all the time . She taught me that my 1st priority is my parents & sister then anyone else becoz they were more important. According to her Love can be loose but family cannot. My dear you make me proud when you look up into their eyes and say you are doing good, while your eyes speak a contradictory tale. You are an ocean of endless thoughts, emotions and dreams. You hold a universe within you. I know the suffocation and pain you go through. The tears flow down your cheeks while the stars twinkle brightly up above in the sky. The wolf within you roars.A star can shine as brightly as it wishes to, can you or I put a limit to its brightness? Does the sun feel sorry for shining so bright? Then why do you limit yourself? You are nothing less than a star…you are infinite… Does the rain feel ashamed of falling? Get up dear it is okay to fall but pick up your pieces and fix yourself up. The only number that will ever count is the number of times you got up after falling.You fight a constant battle with yourself, your mind, your thoughts, and your life. But it is okay; you just said you are doing well. Don’t imprison the wolf inside you. Set it free. Don’t limit yourself to human constraints. Beautiful people do not just happen they become beautiful because they have known defeat, suffering and struggle and have found their way out.keep breathing.keep fighting.keep shining.

Be infinite.Be wild.Be limitless.Just be who you are n if possible plz be mine for forever.. 😞😞

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